Reverse Culture Shock

285 days 23 flights 10 months 9 countries 8 languages 7 engineering classes 5 niños 4 Cantabria students 3 Cornell students 2 incredibly supportive parents who made this all possible 1 long year of trying to mentally prepare myself to come back Tuesday starts classes and, along with it, the real reverse culture shock. In Spain,... Continue Reading →


Study Abroad, de Verdad

Monday I wake up around 8:30 and attempted to finish the last question of my Uncertainty Analysis (UA) (what a fancy name for statistics) problem set. The question, however, doesn't make much sense and seems pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of both the class material and my life, so I just jot down a... Continue Reading →

Letting Go: Lisbon

I have both good news and bad news. The bad news is that I'm kinda behind on this blog because November=exams. The good news is that I had my first exam this week in Geotechnical Engineering and I was the first to finish so hopefully that means I knew my stuff! If that happened at... Continue Reading →

So Much More to Learn

I think I might be getting the hang of things here. Emphasis on "might." Every time I start to think that I finally have life here figured out…I realize how much I really don’t. But that’s ok! I’m here to learn about more than just engineering, right? Speaking of being educated, I’d like to take a... Continue Reading →

Donostia San Sebastián

Fun fact: There is a region of Spain called the Basque region (not to be confused with País Vasco/Basque Country, a political region of Spain that is part of the Basque region). This includes País Vasco, La Rioja, and Navarra. As well as Castellano (Spanish), they also speak Euskara which is not at all related... Continue Reading →


This week was the last bit of play before all the work sets in. Last Monday I took my final exams for the intensive Spanish course that consisted of a written grammar test and an oral presentation. I thought the grammar portion was quite easy and I got one of the highest scores in the... Continue Reading →

“Vosotros” Crash Course

I survived my first full week of (Spanish) class! Or as I like to call it, (being a stereotypical U.S. student who was never taught anything about this particular conjugation whatsoever) Crash Course in Vosotros. The first day we took a placement test (multiple choice plus short answer). They use the Cambridge system so A=beginner, B=intermediate,... Continue Reading →

Como Una Lechuga

Phrase of the day: estar fresca como una lechuga = (literally) to be fresh as lettuce, (actually) to be perfectly comfortable, not too hot or cold or tired or sad or anything, but just right. (I really want to start using that in English) I've always had a special admiration for transfer students because they were... Continue Reading →


As you may already know, this next year is going to be my craziest yet. A crazy year meaning a "sometimes-I-question-why-I'm-doing-all-this-but-it's-going-to-be-amazing" year. So naturally, this past semester when people started asking about my plans for the summer/next year I was subsequently bombarded with a multitude of questions, to some of which I didn't even know... Continue Reading →

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