Artistic Medium: Gingerbread

December 2018 This past month has felt so long, yet also gone by so quickly. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, I was so ready to jump into Advent/Christmas mode along with everyone else who had been throwing around Christmas carols and Christmas cups since the day after Halloween. As you've probably heard me mention... Continue Reading →


The Adventure Begins Now

My mom said to me, to offer some words of encouragement (I think) during my final semester of studying Civil Engineering, “you can see the light at the end of the tunnel…but in this case you’re the one building the tunnel.” I was ready to graduate by the time I finished my junior year. After... Continue Reading →

Reverse Culture Shock

285 days 23 flights 10 months 9 countries 8 languages 7 engineering classes 5 niños 4 Cantabria students 3 Cornell students 2 incredibly supportive parents who made this all possible 1 long year of trying to mentally prepare myself to come back Tuesday starts classes and, along with it, the real reverse culture shock. In Spain,... Continue Reading →

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