Family Ties & (Vegetarian) Haggis Pies

Christmas & New Year 22 December 2018 - 5 January 2019 Although I wasn't in Ireland for Christmas, that didn't stop me from decorating! We pulled out the tree, which hasn't been used in at least 12 years, from the shed in the back garden, and was inhabited by (thankfully) only one, particularly sinister-looking spider.... Continue Reading →


Halfway There

I hope the little voice inside your head started belting Bon Jovi, because mine just did. One semester down, one to go! January was probably the most disjointed month yet. I went from Christmas break to more class with the second round of prelims to final exams to a week of break (an actual break this... Continue Reading →

¡Sigue, sigue!

Story time! So I decided to go for a run down to the beach one morning a few days shy of the winter solstice. When I got there I started to watch the sunrise and ended up sitting there for a solid 30 minutes. At one point a friendly older gentleman wandered past me and... Continue Reading →

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