On the Inside Looking Out

April 2019 Ft. Cornell Friends I’ve come to realize the irony that living in a different country means that more friends will come visit me than if I were still living in the states. So even though even though it can be difficult when I'm 5-8 time zones removed from friends, at least there's an... Continue Reading →


Be A Betty

March 2019 It's been one of those months where you look back and wonder what on earth you've done because when you try to remember it's all a blur (in a good way). It's not even that it's been busy (comparatively) - in fact, the last few weeks have been a bit of an exhale... Continue Reading →

Luck O’ The Irish (a.k.a. God)

February 2019 February has marked my sixth month (seventh by the time this is actually written) since moving continents, but holy moly does it feel like a lot longer. One would think things would've settled down by now, right? Nope! But honestly, I'm not complaining! Last fall I went to an Engineers Without Borders (EWB)... Continue Reading →

Think Like A Girl

"It's nearly less risky when hiring a woman simply because you know they've survived much more and probably had to work much harder." - My Boss When I was 11 years old I, along with three boys, was on my school’s team in a competition called Future City, a STEM type competition for middle school students. They... Continue Reading →

Family Ties & (Vegetarian) Haggis Pies

Christmas & New Year 22 December 2018 - 5 January 2019 Although I wasn't in Ireland for Christmas, that didn't stop me from decorating! We pulled out the tree, which hasn't been used in at least 12 years, from the shed in the back garden, and was inhabited by (thankfully) only one, particularly sinister-looking spider.... Continue Reading →

Artistic Medium: Gingerbread

December 2018 This past month has felt so long, yet also gone by so quickly. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, I was so ready to jump into Advent/Christmas mode along with everyone else who had been throwing around Christmas carols and Christmas cups since the day after Halloween. As you've probably heard me mention... Continue Reading →


Reflecting on 2018 I was sitting in Carrie's apartment on her beanbag, like most Thursday nights of my senior year at Cornell. The girls in our bible study were starting to receive job offers, applying to grad schools, looking for places to live in new cities, and making plans for the not-so-far-off future. I felt... Continue Reading →

I Finally Got a Rain Coat

November 2018 November was surprisingly busier than December is currently turning out to be. On November 1st, without a moment to spare, the Christmas lights appeared, Carols started playing, and Christmas coffee cups made their debut. (How I feel about having a solid two months of Christmas). My job is still keeping me on my... Continue Reading →

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